lets play dress up!!

NOTICE!! this blog is on indefinite hiatus, possibly never to be picked up again unless i regain my interest in drawing homestuck! thank you for yall interest
hello!! nice of you to visit my blog!
i like homestuck, fashion, and drawing characters in pretty outfits.
feel free to send me clothes you come across! you can use the sumbit option if you want to send links.
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Hi! I don't know if this blog is in hiatus (that's sad :c), but I need to tell you how fantastic this is: A LOT. Mix Homestuck and fashion is super inspiring and really cool! I love this project, pls, continue with it!! Your art is so cute x3 -misschillidoll-deactivated20140

oh gosh, thank you so much!! thats really lovely to hear! 

unfortunately, i don’t think i’ll be updating this blog in the near future :c i don’t even have time to draw other things, let alone maintain this project.. ive been thinking of making it open to other artists, but i wouldn’t know how to coordinate that, so it’s just been something collecting dust in a corner..

Is this your main blog? -poopostuck

noo this is a very self-indulgent side project! my main blog is here 8)

hi just popping in to say wow you are super cool and all your drawings are so so perfect. :3 thanks for running such a rad blog!! -ghostqueer

thank you so much!! i appreciate it lots!!

1 year ago / 1 note / vraskaserket  asks 

shh you’re making me feel bad for never updating ; w;

(thank you so much<33)

can you draw Jake English in a waistcoat with leather pants? 0w0 -Anonymous

aaaa i feel like i should say something about this;

i dont know if you’ve noticed, but i don’t draw the characters in just any clothes, only set particular clothes(notice how i always give links to where i found them?) if there is a certain set of waistcoat and leather pants you’ve seen that you’d like me to draw, by all means send it over!!

while i do take suggestions, i also would much prefer that you didn’t do it over anon. i know this might sound finicky, but it’s just a personal discomfort for me to draw something for someone with no face and identity. i wouldn’t announce your identity anyway, don’t worry!!

that nepeta you drew is gorgeous! while I know she's typically more tomboyish, it's really nice to see her in cute clothes -Anonymous

thank you!! it think it’s nice to see any character in cute clothes  (*^▽^*)

kanaya in valentino(go to page 2 to see this dress)

kanaya in valentino(go to page 2 to see this dress)

Your style is relaxed and whimsical and eeeeeh I just love it! Found your blog a little bit ago and I love it and the whole concept of dress up so yay you go girl :3 -i-havent-been-the-same-since-i

thank you!! i really appreciate that<3

oh my gosh i love your style and your idea about this ahhh -gaulllimaufry

thank you so much!!!! its not really that original an idea, but i don’t know anyone else doing it uwu

john wearing from vini uehara&#8217;s lookbook!!!! i thought it had a breezy but put-together kind of feel that would suit john!

john wearing from vini uehara’s lookbook!!!! i thought it had a breezy but put-together kind of feel that would suit john!

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